As invested clergyman, and a licensed Jewish professional, Cantor Roytman provides his services to the Jewish community in officiating at life cycle events including B’nai Mitzvah, weddings, and funerals.

B’nai Mitzvah/Jewish Ceremony of Becoming of Age

Cantor Roytman is a head of B’nai Mitzvah program at Beth Hillel Congregation B’nai Emunah and as such he is in charge of preparing the students for the ceremony of becoming of age in the best of the Jewish tradition.


Cantor Roytman also officiates at weddings. In addition to the actual wedding ceremony (the chuppah) Cantor Roytman offers pre-marital guidance and counselling to those soon-to-be wed. Cantor Roytman also offers his advice on all things musical including the music for the ceremony, the DJ or the band.


Cantor Roytman considers this to be a special privilege to officiate at Jewish funerals and burial ceremonies. He is honored to be on the roster of Chicago’s major funeral houses including the Chicago Jewish Funerals, The Mitzvah Funerals, Goldman Funeral Group, Dignity Funerals, and also Shalom Memorial Park, Memorial Park, Waldheim, and Sunset Lawns Jewish Cemeteries.

Russian Speaking

Cantor Roytman is one of the very few bi-lingual Russian speaking clergy in Chicago and the only one affiliated with the Conservative movement. Cantor Roytman provides his services both in Russian and English with traditional prayers and readings in Hebrew.
In 2014, Cantor Roytman, together with other Jewish clergy, participated in creation of the pamphlet for Russian speaking Jews. This pamphlet, commissioned by the Jewish Healing Network of Chicago, contains prayers, stories, and excerpts from Jewish sacred and secular literature. It is aimed at providing the Russian Jews with the appropriate materials during their time of need.